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shopWe're a family-owned business with over 30 years of service. We're known throughout Mason City for our top quality work!

Going Back!

 1983 - Steve Tass and Brad Blazek decided to go into business and called it "Custom Auto Builders".  Steve had training on building cars and Brad has training on running business (Blazek Electric).  The two men started the business inside it's current location, renting the building from Blazek Electric.  The intent was to "rebuild" cars.  The success of that continued on and eventually, customers started stopping in for estimates to fix a car after an accident.

1990 - By now, Brad decides to resume electrical work with Blazek Electric and Steve buys out Brad's share of the business.  Steve and Cristy begin to run the show at Custom Auto Builders, Steve in the shop in estimate writing and repairing till he got so busy, he had to hire another technician.  Scott Schneckloth was hired and really was a foundation employee to get us really making a successful business.  The two of them, with help from other technicians and Cristy in the office, started to grow again.