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The final step of the repair process is contacting you, our customer. When you arrive, someone will go over and explain your finial bill and talk to you about the proper care for your new finish. If there are any problems or questions, we are happy to answer your concerns. You are driving home our reputation.

Wash and Clean

During the total repair process, sometimes your vehicle could accumulate dust. Your vehicle will be cleaned and washed. A final inspection will be completed to assure that your vehicle has been restored to its pre-accident condition.

Preparation and Paint

Preparation is a critical step in the adhesion and refinishing process of every vehicle. Sherwin Williams Automotive has a specific guideline in this process so that the end result is a pre-accident factory finish. The metal is first prepared, and then it is primed. It is then sanded and checked for any imperfections. From here it enters the down draft heated paint booth. The entire vehicle is masked and covered completely except the panels that are to be refinished. The panels are then wiped down free of any lint and contamination, sealed and checked for any imperfections. The panels are wiped down one last time and the base color is applied with the clear coat to follow. Hawkeye Auto Body mixes all colors on site. This enables them to tint the color if needed so there is a seamless paint match when completed. When the last coat of clear coat is applied, the computerized booth is started to bake the finish to a factory shine. After the cool down period, the vehicle is moved to the buffing area where the finish is buffed to a beautiful luster if needed.


Exterior and sometimes interior trim, bumpers, glass, door components, possibly some sheet metal parts and air bag components are now reassembled at this point. Vehicle systems are checked also. In this stage, the vehicle is almost ready for delivery.

Body Repair

The sheet metal department starts to reconstruct the vehicle back to its pre-accident condition. With a good foundation, the sheet metal will be installed and fitted, mechanical and suspension components installed and repair any cosmetic damage to the exterior sheet metal parts. The vehicle begins to come back to life and starts to look like your vehicle again.